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Below you will find links to previously shown artists in our gallery. If they are underlined you can click their name and travel to their website to view their work. Not all artists have websites available. If you are interested in contacting one of them, please email and we can try to connect you. 

Ann Cloutier - Holyoke, MA
Anna Jacke - Belchertown, MA
Annaleah Moon Gregoire - Greenfield, MA

Anthony Novak - Petersham, MA
Arielle Jessop - Northampton, MA
Beth Crawford - Haydenville, MA
Brian Beaudoin - Westminster, MA
Camille Tahar - Belchertown, MA
Catherine Lee - Shutesbury, MA
Christine S Pellerin - formerly of Montague, MA

Cody Stosz - Amherst, MA
Celia Riahi - Amherst, MA
Dana Volungis - Ware, MA
Danielle Parent - Florence, MA
Daniel Delisle - Westfield, MA
David A. Dickinson - Leeds, MA

Diane H Nevinsmith - Hadley, MA
Donna Roy - South Hadley, MA
Elizabeth H Johnson - Granby, MA
Emily Stewart - Amherst, MA

Fabio Deponte - Petersham, MA

Francis St. Germain - Easthampton, MA

Gabriella Hummel - Amherst, MA
Gretchen Holesovsky - Belchertown, MA
Helen M. Thelen - Amherst, MA
Ivy J Mabius - formerly of Leverett, MA

Jackie Gallo - Hadley, MA
Jen Healy - Deerfield, MA
Jesse Morgan - Northfield, MA

John Krifka - Amherst, MA
Joshua Berins - Amherst, MA
Judy Vazquez - Northampton, MA
Kaia Zimmerman - Belchertown, MA
Kamil Peters - Leverett, MA

Karen Iglehart - Leverett, MA
Kathleen Anderson - Amherst, MA
Keith Lewis - Holyoke, MA

Kristi Beisecker - Amherst, MA
Laura Geryk - Chicopee, MA
Lee Gray - Bernardston, MA
Linda Carrier - Westhampton, MA

Lois Barber - Amherst, MA
Lorna Ritz - Amherst, MA
Macaylla Silver - Leverett, MA
Maggie Hodges - Amherst, MA
Marion Lepzelter - Gardner, MA
Mary Walsh Martel - Conway, MA
Maxine Oland/ Centered Vessel - Lane, Amherst, MA
Maya Norman - Hartford , CT
Melinda & Jonathan of Macle Designs - Wendell, MA
Michael Saunders - Clinton, MA
Michele Diamond - Hadley, MA
Michelle Vigeant - Sunderland, MA
Orlando Santos - Holyoke, MA
Rachael Goren - Amherst, MA

Rachel Bellenoit - South Hadley

Randi Stein - Amherst, MA
Rebecca Wheeler - Shutesbury, MA
Rosanne Helden - Amherst, MA
Ruth Levine - Amherst, MA
S.T. Gately - Sunderland, MA
Sanchitha Vishwanath - Westfield, MA
Sanford Roth - Pelham, MA

Sara Deponte - Petersham, MA

Sarah Adams - Springfield, MA 
Shauna Wallace - Turners Falls, MA
Shiva Delnavaz - Amherst, MA
Stacey Theriault - Shutesbury, MA

Stefania Amore - Springfield, MA

Stephen Kotfila - Hadley, MA
Suzanne DiSessa - Westfield, MA

Susan Panlilio - Shutesbury, MA
Susan Roylance - Wendell, MA
Tara Bronner - Ludlow, MA
Thierry Borcy - Gardner, MA
Trish LaFreniere - Haydenville, MA
Tuyet Linh LaFleur - Shelburne Falls, MA

Wayne Friedrich - West Springfield, MA

Zahava Friedman - Pelham, MA

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