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About our modern General Store

The latest in a long line of family businesses at this location, dating back to 1741, The Mill District General Store is inspired by the 7th generation owner, Walter Cowls Jones, who was always quick with a homespun quip. We are proud to introduce a new store with a touch of nostalgia that has everything you need, as well as the fun things that Walter would say are "Handier than a pocket in a pair of under drawers!" Every visit is truly an experience. 

Currently Accepting Applications for

Full-Time or Part-Time Team Members.

A funny old fashioned photo of members in the store
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A Local Art Gallery

The Mill District General Store flows directly into the ever-changing space of our Local Art Gallery. Seamlessly browse from our general merchandise to truly one of a kind pieces from members of our community.


The Local Art Gallery is a living, breathing space full of unique, vibrant artwork that also hosts pop-up classes, events, and conversations led by the artists themselves. 


The partnership between The Mill District General Store and Local Art Gallery gathers us to bring you the  creative hub of the North Amherst community.

A New Community

The Mill District General Store sits on a patch of land that was known for generations as the Cowls Home Farm.

For 9 generations, the Cowls' family has pivoted to meet the needs of the day, from agricultural products to dairy cows, trolley lines to one of the nation's first electric sawmills. This has been a site for creativity and regeneration for over 275+ years. 

The Mill District was created to meet today's needs and The Mill District General Store is at the heart, hosting community events and connecting you to local goods, artists, and the folks who make it all possible. 

Come on by sometime, we can't wait to meet you!

When you gotta go...  check out our art installation bathrooms!

A photo of our bathroom with a one way window.

Clearly an experience!


If you ever need a reminder to not take things too seriously, stop by the One-Way Glass Bathroom. Inspired by various art installations, the bathroom invites you to "do your business while you watch other people do theirs."


Trust gotta go!

A photo of our Jungle Theme Bathroom

Welcome to the Jungle!


Ivy Mabius was commissioned to create this whimsical themed bathroom with animal sculptures of an elephant and giraffe, faux foliage, and immersive murals. 

Are you ready for an adventure?


Your Feedback is Important...

Tell us how the coffee is, what new items you'd like to see in the store, or any feedback for the staff...we'd love to hear from you.

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