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Your Local Art Gallery

 & Third Space


All artists live within an hour of the Gallery, representing a swath of mediums, styles, and influences.


A ten-foot gathering table makes space for classes and intimate conversation. Or easy sharing of art supplies while crafting and creating together.


All the work in the Gallery is 100% local, meaning your money goes right to artists creating in and across the Valley! 



1. Rent space monthly per linear foot  (side to side)

2. Sell your work!

3. A percentage of your sales goes back into the gallery for  events, marketing and other artist-forward opportunities


Your success is our success!

We welcome painting/drawing, digital, ceramics, mixed media, fiber/leather, photography, jewelry, sculpture, metal/wood, more!


the Front Window Gallery

The front window is a gallery within a gallery. Featuring installations curated by the Gallery team, guest curators, neighbors, local business owners, and other unlikely curators. Stop by every few months to check out the new show in the Front Window Gallery as well as new local artists in the main gallery. 

Currently Featuring

Karl Hester - Canaan, CT

A professional Chef by trade for his entire adult life, Karl draws as a form of meditation and relaxation when not at work. He finds art to be a wonderful way to reflect his life, heart and soul. In 2018, Karl took a winter off to revisit old studies and dive deep into his dreams, hopes, loves and fears; his art reemerged that season and then fully bloomed in the deep quiet of the world during the pandemic. Karl has published two art/coloring books:  “The Art of Karl Hester” and “Gratitude for Solitude”.


Over 1000+ Art Supplies...

are available in The Mill District General Store's art supply section. We are constantly looking for new products to help you create. Let us know about art supply products you may like to see in our store below. 

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