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Your Local Art Gallery

 & Third Space


Artists represent a swath of mediums, styles, and influences

bringing their unique inspirations to our local community to enjoy.


A ten-foot gathering table makes space for classes and intimate conversation. Or easy sharing of art supplies while crafting and creating together.


All the work in the Gallery is 100% local, meaning your money goes right to artists creating in and across the Valley! 



1. Rent space monthly  at $20 per linear foot    

      (Side to side -2.5' Minimum)

2. Sell your work and keep 80%. 

3. The other 20% of your sales goes back into the gallery for events, marketing you as an artist and other artist-forward opportunities.


Your success is our success!

Artists are reviewed and selected by a community panel on a quarterly basis. We welcome painting/drawing, digital, ceramics, mixed media, fiber/leather, photography, jewelry, sculpture, metal/wood, more!

Front Window Gallery.jpg

the Front Window Gallery

The front window is a gallery within a gallery. Featuring installations curated by the Gallery team, guest curators, neighbors, local business owners, and other unlikely curators. Stop by every few months to check out the new show in the Front Window Gallery as well as new local artists in the main gallery. 

Currently Featuring

Dr. Shirley Jackson Whitaker - Amherst, MA

Dr. Whitaker is the seventh child of Eddie and Charlie Mae Jackson (both deceased) from Waycross, Georgia.


Dr. Whitaker attended Clark Atlanta University completing a BS degree in Biology with honors. After Clark, she attended Yale University School of Medicine-Department of Public Health. She attended Emory University School of Medicine, obtaining her medical degree in 1979.  After completing her fellowship, she and her husband moved to Western MA.


Dr. Whitaker has woven her love of art into all aspects of her life. She was the art protégé of one of American's leading artists, the late Leonard Baskin, who taught her printmaking process of etching.


Her art is in the Smithsonian Library of Congress, Getty Research Institute, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Virginia, Wellesley College, Boston Athenaeum, Smith College, private art galleries, and more.


Because of her interest and concerns about the over 4,000 African Americans who were lynched, Dr. Whitaker produced the first ever funeral service, Ashes to Ashes, April 29-30, 2016, to celebrate and remember these lives. This service has been made into a film of the same name which was considered for an Academy Award and featured in The New Yorker magazine in 2021.


Dr. Whitaker practices Nephrology in western Massachusetts and works to make contributions to her community. She lives in Amherst, Mass with her husband.


SUMMER Art Classes & More in Amherst, MA!

Sunday Art Space Summer- FB Ad Campaign copy.png

Make the Gallery your Sunday spot with Sunday Art Space!

9 AM - 12 PM

The Gallery table is open for you to sit and create. Bring your supplies from home, or grab new items from our terrific art section.

1 PM - 3 PM

The Gallery hosts a different artist, leading an activity or just holding space for your creative exploration.

Enjoy a complimentary cupcake from Carefree Cakery in the afternoon. Help Alysia Bryant refine her recipes in preparation for her bakery's opening in The Mill District.

The space is welcoming of all ages; kids under 14 must have an adult in the area.

No purchase necessary...however, art supplies are 10% off ALL DAY SUNDAYS

Over 1000+ Art Supplies...

are available in The Mill District General Store's art supply section. We are constantly looking for new products to help you create. Let us know about art supply products you may like to see in our store below. 

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